Friday, June 8, 2012

#106 - StarCast: "Day[9]'s Favorite Sandwich"

This week Garrett sit's down for a chat with Sean "Day[9]" Plott, StarCast's producer Patrick "OctantePro" guests and Kyle and crew discuss their thoughts on the StarCraft 2 Arcade Beta in patch 1.5, Heart of the Swarm's confirmed feature list, GSTL awesomeness and the impending excitement of an overstuffed MLG Championship.  

We also announced our new network Amove.TV.  StarCast, This Week in Blizz and OctanePro's new show The Strategist will all be recorded on Amove's new stream over at  This has been a goal of Garrett's for awhile now and we are all very excited to see the first step in what is soon to become a one stop source for great grass-roots gaming entertainment.

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