Thursday, September 30, 2010

StarCast: Wings of Liberty Campaign Round Table #6

This week we cover,
Cinematic: The Betrayal
Cinematic: Who we Choose to Be
Mission: Echoes of the Future
Mission: Cutthroat
Mission: Engine of Destruction

Sunday, September 26, 2010

#24 - StarCast: "Your Mama's so fat, she got stuck in the nydus canal."

This week rocks!  You know why? Because the first REAL patch dropped this week.  Also things seem to be back on track for our hosts who have both been sick or having life crises!  Keep an ear out later this week for the campaign round table.  C'ya in game!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

StarCast: Wings of Liberty Campaign Round Table #5

This week we cover:

A Sinister Turn
Safe Haven
Haven's Fall
The Moebius Factor

#23 - StarCast: "T-Rex is AWESOME!"

Hey StarCasters!

So Episode 23 is here!  Lots to talk about his week.  Joel, Mork, and Amara return with their weekly segments. Been an absolutely nutty week for Kyle and I so the show is one day early.  Hope you all enjoy the new show and wanted to let you all know that the campaign round table is now a separate mp3.  Kyle couldn't make it to this week's campaign talk so Mork is joining us.  So give that a listen and remember spoilers are all over the campaign segment.

C'ya online!


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Saturday, September 11, 2010

#22 - StarCast: "Raynor puts the Xel'Naga artifact in the wrong hole"

Hey StarCast listeners!

Well another week another episode.  Wait... what was that?  Why it's the podcast juggernaut Scott Johnson!  I am just as excited as you should be.  Scott takes time away from his many podcasts and comics to join Kyle, Joel, and I for this weeks campaign round table.

Now that the big news is out of the way you can also expect another fully loaded episode this week.  We have an updated Top 200 for North America plus matchmaking improvements a plenty.  And of course, more community strats and lulz than you can shake a zergling at.

C'ya in the fray

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Friday, September 3, 2010

#21 - StarCast: "All you need is love, for the Zune"

So episode 21 is up and the StarCast tourney starts tomorrow!  Make sure you keep an eye on the forums for tourney developments.  Otherwise the campaign discussion is back this week! And we show some love to our Zune listeners who sent us poison and bombs in the mail after last weeks show.  So everyone sit back, and enjoy you iPod... I mean Zune...
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