Friday, March 27, 2015

#188 - StarCast: "Legacy of the Beta"

Welcome back Terrans, Zergs, and Protoss! StarCast is back for another special episode covering the oncoming storm that is the Legacy of the Void Beta. All three races are getting new units, major changes to existing units, and a pretty large overhaul to how economy work for the entire game. We even had an email from

Enjoy this episode of StarCast. Hopefully we'll be recording another episode very soon. Good luck and have fun!

StarCast is a  podcast centered around the StarCraft 2 Universe. Each week the show covers hot topics in the community from recent eSports tournaments, to StarCraft 2 News, to emails and calls directly from listeners of the show. The hosts of StarCast are Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson. Subscribe to StarCast on iTunes and Youtube.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

#187 - StarCast: "The Void Approaches"

On this episode of StarCast... where do we start? Well it has been seven months since episode 186 and the two of us have had a long and restful sleep in our cryo-pods. We awoke to the sound of StarCraft 2 busting open at the seems with so much awesome the only choice we had was to record a new episode.

We are very excited to hear about Legacy of the Void and all of the new units, changes, and modes it is bringing with it. Discussed on this episode are all of the new units, changes to existing units, the new modes, sweeping changes to the core multiplayer gameplay, WCS, LotV's campaign, and emails via

Please enjoy this episode of StarCast. We weren't sure when we would record a new show but this seemed like the perfect time. Good luck and have fun!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

StarCast: "Hiatus"

StarCast is going on a hiatus. But Garrett and Kyle can be found on Into the Nexus, their new podcast about Heroes of the Storm.


Friday, March 28, 2014

#186 - StarCast: "The Ghost of Ghost"

This Episode:
  • StarCraft Ghost
  • New Ladder Maps
  • IEM: the Numbers
  • NaNiwa and Alliance Part Ways
  • Heroes of the Storm Tech Alpha
  • WCS Update
  • Emails

Hosts: Garrett “Saint” Weinzierl, Kyle “Tarrasque” Fergusson

Friday, March 21, 2014

#185 - StarCast: "Booooooo"

This Episode:
  • David Kim's Q&A "Highlights"
  • TotalBiscuit Talk on SC2 Dick Measuring Contests
  • IEM's Drama
  • Heroes of the Storm Enters Tech Alpha
  • WCS Update

Hosts: Garrett “Saint” Weinzierl, Kyle “Tarrasque” Fergusson

Thursday, March 13, 2014

#184 - StarCast: "Lift to Gold!"

This Episode:
  • NaNiwa Quits (Garrett cheers)
  • Heroes of the Storm Update
  • WCS Korea, GSL Season 1
  • IEM
  • Your Emails (Send them to

Hosts: Garrett “Saint” Weinzierl, Kyle “Tarrasque” Fergusson

Friday, February 28, 2014

#183 - StarCast: "Rapid Fire Hydras"

This Episode:
  • Balance Update Incoming
  • European Patch Delayed
  • International Open Bracket at MLG Anaheim
  • Storm Watch
  • WCS Results
  • Your Emails (Send them to

Hosts: Garrett “Saint” Weinzierl, Kyle “Tarrasque” Fergusson