Saturday, August 28, 2010

#20 - StarCast: "Clan, Guild, Tourney Oh My!"

Another week, another episode of StarCast.  This week we cover a plethora of news and emails.  Blizzard drops the first Status report on us since beta.  We start our clan, our guild, and our first tournament.  Head on over to the forums to sign up for all these goodies and more.

On a side note, the campaign round table will not be on this week's episode due to a large amount of scheduling issues and technical difficulties during two attempted records.  Our apologies as we know a large amount of our listeners have really been enjoying this segment.  We will figure out what is wrong and record for next week's show.

As always thanks for listening and head on over to the forums for the show notes.

Virtus Opprimo StarCraft II Clan Application
StarCast Experimental SC2 League

The Virtus Opprimo Guild can be found on the Argent Dawn server in WoW, on the Horde faction.  Whisper Shielde (Garrett), Achromic (Ben), or iHug (Dismal) for an invite.